Frodin Fitz  Starter Kits

Frodin Fitz Starter Kits

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Finally, the complete FITS starting kit is here! The starting kit is generously allowing to tie at least 80 modern tube flies. It contains tubing in 11 colors M and XS, our three cone models in three sizes and seven colors, our brand-new Tungsten Turbo Tubes in three sizes and four colors, our unique FITS tubing needle and an illustration folder to show how it all works. FITS is trendsetting and has opened up a new world of balanced swimming tube flies. A world where the choice of material creates different fly profiles suitable for everything from the most brutal big fish river to the gentlest little stream. FITS starting kit is a great introduction to modern tube flies, flies where balance, profile and the way the fly swim is the way to greater catches. The starting kit is heavily discounted to be a good introduction, it corresponds to a normal unit price of 88€ in store.